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Our next meeting is on
Thursday, January 14, 2021.

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Meeting ID: 940 6723 0886
Passcode: 130773
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Dr. Nelson Leong from the Allan Blair Cancer Centre –
Radiation Oncology   

Androgen Deprivation Therapy (Hormone Therapy – ADT)

How ADT is used to treat localised Prostate Cancer, recurrence after radical prostatsectomy and PCa mestastases. PCa cannot grow without androgens. ADT (Hormone Therapy) decreases the amount of androgens in a mans body.

We plan to proceed with “Virtual” Monthly Support Meetings until we get the approval to meet in person again at the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency location.

We can still be reached through any one of the following options:

– Email us at

– Check a copy of our newsletter for the list of phone numbers for Board members

Board members are just a phone call away for those needing to speak to someone one-on-one who has firsthand experience navigating their prostate cancer diagnosis, treatment, and symptoms. We may be able to connect you to a member who has undergone specific therapies or treatments if you want to chat about side effects or the specific treatment process.

We understand that social distancing and self-isolation can be lonely, but remember: we are all in this together and you’re not alone. Cancer doesn’t stop for self-isolation or quarantine.

The safety of our members is crucial, and we will respect the decisions of our health leaders and make all adjustments as required.

Stay safe everyone.

Thank You
The Board of Directors,
PCCN – Regina

Our Goals

– To provide individual support and up-to-date, well-researched medical information from authorized sources; to assist individuals with prostate cancer and their families to cope with and understand the nature of prostate cancer.– Share experiences and promote empathy among survivors.

– Promote awareness of prostate cancer and associated issues; as well as early diagnosis and treatment.

– Promote public education, outreach, and support through integrity, dignity, and understanding.

– Encourage a greater sense of partnering with our medical practitioners, and attaining empowerment through knowledge and information.


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