Our Team

James Froh

James Froh is a retired public servant, graduate student and Métis Nation citizen. For 40 years he worked in church, community and government organizations bridging Indigenous and non-Indigenous worlds…

Robert Chapman

Robert was born in England and immigrated to Canada in 1981. Starting in the Grain industry same year where he is fortunate enough to still work. Have lived in both Alberta and Saskatchewan, Tracy and Robert currently reside in Swift Current and have two boys along with two grandsons.


Moses Kanhai

Moses Kanhai joined the Board of Prostate Cancer Support Regina in June 2023. Moses is retired after a career of more than 40 years in corporate communication. After a diagnosis of prostate cancer…

Peter Braun

Peter Braun was diagnosed with Stage 1 (Gleason 6) prostate cancer in July 2020, following a biopsy as a result of elevated PSA levels. Peter currently is in the active surveillance program monitored by the…

Jeff Hutton

Jeff Hutton grew up in the town of Lumsden starting there in grade 1 and finishing his grade 12 in that community. His family had a farm a few miles out of town where Jeff assisted his dad in farming the land, growing/harvesting grains, raising cattle

Troy Hagen

Troy Hagen retired in 2016 as Chief of Police from a 38 year career with the Regina Police Service. Troy has served on many community based Boards and Committees often focusing on youth at risk and serving those in need.

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